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After Five Confirmed Fires, GM Recalls Electric Cars

General Motors released a recall report claiming that over 69,000 of its electric cars come with batteries that can catch fire. Due to the potential risk for auto fires and injuries, vehicles from the 2017 through 2019 year models are being recalled.

According to the automaker, the recall covers several Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles. They identified the issue during a July investigation following five fiery incidents involving the vehicles. 

After opening a probe into the matter, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration learned that all incidents happened while the vehicles were parked and unattended. The fires initiated under the rear seat before the cars’ batteries were fully charged and at least two passengers suffered from smoke inhalation as a result.   

GM To Owners: Do Not Charge Recalled Electric Vehicles Fully To Prevent Fires

While Bolt vehicles from the 2017 through 2019 models are being recalled, GM unveiled that only vehicles fitted with battery packs containing cells made at LG Chem’s factory in Ochang, South Korea factory are impacted. 

In order to prevent fires, GM is urging drivers to avoid letting their Bolt cars charge fully. 

Once car owners receive a recall announcement in the mail, they should schedule a visit to a dealer where a software fix can be carried out for free. Until then, car owners should follow the manufacturer’s instructions to prevent fires. 

The update should prevent the battery from charging over 90 percent, keeping it from bursting into flames. By early 2021, GM added, the firm should have a more permanent solution to this problem so that the batteries can be fully charged. 

We hope that the automaker is doing all in its power to prevent producing cars fitted with batteries that might lead to fires and fire-related injuries in the future. While it’s encouraging to know they are working on a remedy for this problem, car owners who worry about their safety should contact the firm for more information. 
To read more about the recall, follow this link.

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