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After Fiery Incidents, Samsung Recalls Galaxy Note7

All too often, recall campaigns associated with widely popular products take us by surprise. And sometimes, these recalls are only launched after people are injured or property has been damaged. The latest recall announcement to come from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission impacts all units of the Samsung Galaxy Note7 smartphones sold prior to September 15, 2016.

These Samsung phone units are known to overheat and catch fire, which could increase the risk of a serious burn injury and property damage incident. So far, at least 92 incidents associated with the recalled smartphones have been reported to the company. In at least 55 of these incidents, property was damaged, including cars and a garage. In other 26 of these incidents, injuries were reported.

Samsung consumers are being urged to make sure they completely stop using the recalled phones. Have them powered down and reach out to the place where you purchased the device. It could be a wireless carrier, retail outlet, or the website. Contact them and ask more details on how you should proceed to receive a new Galaxy Note7 device in exchange for the device.

Do not allow the potential risks associated with thee recalled Samsung devices go by unnoticed. Especially since so many consumers in the United States have reported incidents tied to the recalled phones. Contact the company for more details, or click here for a detailed list of devices impacted by his recall.

We’re reporting on this recall campaign mainly because of the popularity of the device in question.

All too often, companies learn about risks associated with their products but they fail to act. Putting profit ahead of safety is never the best alternative, because consumers get hurt and potential consumers flee. But the only way to hold companies accountable is to make sure their negligence is not forgotten. If you’re the victim of a greedy corporation that puts profits ahead of safety, do not hesitate to look for legal help.

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