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After Driving Conditions Worsen, WSP Issues Safety Tips, Warnings

After being caught by surprise due to the slushy and snow-filled roads this fall season, drivers should follow important safety tips to help drivers avoid accidents, Washington State Patrol (WSP) warned. 

According to local news outlets, WSP officials are urging drivers to increase their following distance while navigating icy roads, avoid making unnecessary lane changes, thoroughly defrost windows before driving, keep the fuel tank at least half full at all times and have your headlights on at all times. In case of an emergency that forces you to stop driving, WSP added, avoid accidents by moving the car off the road. 

You can further increase your safety while driving on snowy or icy roads by remembering that your car’s speed must be adjusted down to account for lower traction. As explained by AAA, learning to accelerate and decelerate slowly helps the driver to regain traction on roads covered in ice and snow, avoiding skids. 

When winter driving, AAA added, moving in a hurry is not an option.    

Following 2021’s Pass Closures, WSP Wants Drivers To Plan Ahead

In an announcement published on its website, WSP alerted drivers that officials will be on the lookout for drivers abiding by chain law requirements this season. 

Due to the risk of accidents associated with vehicles that are ill-prepared while traveling over our mountain passes, officials will not allow commercial truck drivers to proceed into the mountain pass zone if they fail to adhere to the chain law. 

With a greater number of officers enforcing the rules, WSP troopers are confident that they will be able to prevent accidents and mitigate the amount of economic impact that can be caused by careless drivers. 

Winter Driving Supply Checklist

If you will be doing a lot of driving this winter and you are not sure what items you should have ready in your car in case of an emergency, the Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) offers a handy guide and checklist to help you gear up. To learn more, visit

For more safe driving tips from the WSP, follow this link.

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