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After Deadly Distracted Driving Crash, All Charges Are Dropped

Deadly crashes caused by distracted drivers are more common than many of us may think. But because many of these crashes go unreported, many are unaware of the reality. But motorists continue to drive while distracted regardless of the risks. And as more drivers bring their smartphones to the car, more of these accidents take place.

According to a series of news reports, lack of reporting might not be the only reason why drivers remain distracted.

A tragic crash that happened in another state is showing that, all too often, authorities do not respond to deadly distracted driving crashes in a way that helps to keep others from making the same mistakes.

The crash happened at a parking lot. According to official reports, a driver who was distracted by a piece of mail in his car slammed his vehicle into an 80-year-old. Prior to the accident, the driver had taken an antidepressant and a glass of vodka. The elderly man involved in the fatal collision was sent flying 16 feet due to the impact. After pleading guilty to careless driving and admitting to have been drunk and distracted, police fined him $500 and prosecutors dropped all charges.

Due to this injustice, the victim’s grandchildren are now focusing on raising awareness to the risks associated with distracted driving.

They are now trying to alert local residents about the risks associated with driving while distracted, reminding them that everyone is at risk. But to drivers, knowing about distractions and the risks is not enough. Many are only moved by the potential consequences if they see them happening with loved ones or friends.

Unfortunately, many are still oblivious, even if they admit that distracted driving is dangerous.

If you’re willing to put safety first, however, keep in mind that distractions include several different types of activities. Drinking, eating, talking, texting, and emailing are just some of them. Help others in Washington state to be safe by always paying attention to the road ahead.

For more on this tragic crash, follow this link.

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