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After Crashes, WSP Troopers Urge Drivers To Be Cautious On Wet Roads

Following one of Washington’s hottest and driest summers in recent history, Washington State Patrol (WSP) troopers are urging drivers to be cautious when driving in wet road conditions. 

As heavy rain moves in, officials reported, at least 26 accidents were registered by Friday evening in Pierce and Thurston counties alone. According to WSP troopers, these accidents happened because “people are used to driving on dry roadways and now it will take a couple days for people to readjust to wet roadways.” 

If drivers ignore the coming rainfalls and continue to drive as if roads are still dry, the risk of accidents will increase considerably. 

Avoid Accidents: Wet Roads Are Difficult To Navigate Following Dry Spell

Officials explained that the first heavy rainfall following a dry period causes roads to become extra slick. As motor oil and debris surface and wash off during a storm, roads tend to be more slippery and hard to navigate. 

In a sense, WSP troopers told reporters, wet roads are like ice rinks. As vehicles slow down, drivers often lose control due to the slippery conditions and crash. 

As more rain is expected to fall, Washington drivers should slow down and allow enough distance between cars to avoid collisions. They should also avoid using cruise control while on wet roads.  

Additionally, officials urged drivers to avoid stepping on brake pedals as hard as they can while hydroplaning. Instead, drivers should take their foot off the gas pedal but keep the feet off the brakes. This will help the vehicle slow down safely. 

In order to boost overall safety, drivers should also check their tire tread before hitting the road. Worn out treads cause tires to be less efficient while on wet roadways. To avoid losing traction, change worn out tires as soon as possible. 

For more details on what Washington officials are saying about driving on wet roads and avoiding crashes, follow this link.

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