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After Crash Tests Show Seat Belt Assembly Can Tear, VW Recalls SUVs

Following a major General Motors recall involving vehicles fitted with defective and potentially deadly airbags, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is reporting that Volkswagen is recalling thousands of vehicles over a seat belt issue that could increase the risk of injury. 

After a three-year probe into the Volkswagen Tiguan vehicles of the 2018 year make, the NHTSA found that the SUVs come with driver’s side seat belts that can tear in the event of a crash.

The discovery happened during crash tests carried out by the NHTSA’s New Car Assessment Program. On at least two occasions, the seat belts tore completely. 

In its response to the NHTSA, Volkswagen said that while it isn’t aware of any accidents that resulted in a seat belt tear, a full recall is being launched to prevent any issue from taking place in the near future. Additionally, the firm is adding vehicles that were fitted with seat belt assemblies that come from the same batch implicated in the NHTSA tests. 

Volkswagen: Seat Belt Assemblies Must Be Replaced To Prevent Injury

In its recall announcement, Volkswagen stated that the recall campaign will begin on January 19, 2021 and that the front seat belts will be replaced for free. Until then, consumers who are concerned about the safety of their vehicles are welcome to contact Volkswagen directly at 800-893-5298.

Impacted vehicles include the Volkswagen Tiguan SUVs manufactured between July 8, 2017 and October 27, 2017. 

If you do not own the recalled Tiguan but worry that your car has an open recall, you can always visit the NHTSA’s recall website. Most importantly, you should also keep your contact information updated with your car’s manufacturer. 

Too often, automakers are unable to reach car owners following a recall because their contact information is out of date. If you are not used to visiting the NHTSA website often to learn more about open recalls, it’s important to make sure automakers can contact you directly. 

For more information on this Volkswagen recall, follow this link.

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