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After Close Call, WSP Tell Drivers To Always Secure Their Load

An accident involving a piece of plywood that fell from a vehicle on SR 101 is prompting Washington State Patrol officials to warn locals about the dangers associated with not securing their load correctly.

According to news reports, a large piece of plywood impaled the front of a car. The accident happened on SR 101 at milepost 280. While nobody was injured, and the incident did not involve other vehicles, the impact destroyed the car’s grille. Officials said that the wood became lodged inside the grille.

On Twitter, a WSP trooper shared the images of the car. She urged drivers to always check their load and make sure to secure them before hitting the road.

This is not the first time Washington officials launched this type of warning. In August, trooper reminded drivers once again they should always secure their loads correctly after catching two precarious loads. This is dangerous as loads that fall off vehicles may hit other cars and increase the risk of serious and potentially deadly accidents.

Officials say that the fines begin at $228 for drivers who fail to secure their loads correctly.

Loose Loads Lead To Serious Accidents

Authorities remind drivers that an accident from 2004 caused by a loose load should serve as a serious warning to drivers across the state.

At the time, a 24-year-old woman was driving behind a U-Haul carrying a loose particle board when the item fell loose, flowing off the truck and through her windshield. The woman sustained serious injuries and became permanently blind as a result.

This horrific accident resulted in a $15 million personal injury lawsuit. But the truck driver could have prevented this horrific tragedy. If you’re serious about your safety and about helping to keep other drivers safe, secure your load correctly at all times.

For more on this accident, follow this link.

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