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Accidents Nationwide Associated With Lane-Changing

Unsafe Car Lane Changing Accident Statistics

Six million accidents happen every year in the United States. Unfortunately, many of these accidents happen for unknown reasons. Despite this lack of knowledge concerning certain types of crashes and what drive them, we’re still able to pinpoint the exact causes of at least certain collisions.

Understanding how these accidents may happen and knowing how we can act to avoid them, could help to bring the number of crashes down.

One of the most common causes of accidents is the act of changing lanes.

According to official statistics, at least 33 percent of all crashes happen when vehicles change lanes or veer off the road.

Who Is At Fault In A Car Accident Changing Lanes?

Car Accident Lawyers say that these accidents can be traced to a few behaviors in particular such as distraction. Another risk factor is driving slowly in the left lane, forcing other drivers traveling at faster speeds to change lane with frequency.

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Improper Lane Change Accident from Distraction

Multitasking is a serious issue and distractions oftentimes are associated with the belief that we are able to do more than we actually are capable of at a given time.

Drivers who are often too sure of themselves will allow distractions to take over as they believe that they can both drive and talk, use a cell phone, mess with complicated electronics, or handle pets and children.

In order to put the brakes on distracted driving-led lane-changing accidents, we must slow down on our use of technology — and our over reliance on it.

Car safety technologies might be the most effective they have ever been but they alone cannot keep us from being involved in an accident if we’re not doing all in our power to avoid collisions.

If you’re curious as to what may be causing a great deal of accidents and how to deal with all of the potential factors so that you are not in danger, you may follow this link for more.

In any case, remember that Washington state drivers, much like drivers across the country, are not immune to accidents because they are experienced. Distraction will increase the risk of accidents whether you’re a good driver or not.


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