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Accidents Reported On I-90 Due To Icy, Slippery Roads

Many drivers across Washington understand that when winter arrives, accidents become more common across the state. That’s because many drivers ignore how dangerous road conditions are due to the freezing temperatures.

According to a series of news reports, multiple drivers were seen sliding off the road on I-90 on Wednesday because of the icy conditions. What’s worse, several of these incidents resulted in crashes, with the worst one sending one person to the hospital with serious injuries.

Authorities say that four cars were involved in all of the accidents registered on a 10 mile stretch of the I-90 on the east side. One of the drivers involved in the crashes said he tried to slow down, but due to the road condition, he was not able to, causing the vehicle to slide off into the road’s median.

According to the Washington State Patrol, drivers must be extra responsible during this time of the year.

If it’s cold out and the roads are icy or covered in snow, they will be slippery and dangerous. As a result, drivers will be more likely to being involved in accidents, especially if they are driving at high rates of speed.

When it comes to surviving the winter, the first thing drivers must remember is that slowing down will save their lives.

While the Department of Transportation is doing all it can to treat the roads, there are many spots that will remain slick. Officials are reminding drivers that they should be reminded of that and that they should act accordingly until roads aren’t slick any longer.

We hope that those who were injured in the I-90 accidents are being able to recover fully and quickly. We know how life-changing these accidents can be and how difficult the recovery process oftentimes is.

For more on these accidents, follow this link.

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