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Another Wildlife-Related Accident Reported In Washington

Perhaps, many of you may know this, but wildlife-related accidents are quite common in Washington state, especially during this time of the year, which is mating season. Because of this reality, many drivers and motorcycle riders end up being injured in accidents prompted by the appearance of a deer or another animal. These collisions can be serious, and oftentimes claim innocent lives. But if you’re paying close attention and you’re not speeding, you will be less likely to be exposed to risks.

This week, at least one person was able to escape injury when a bighorn sheep jumped from a hillside, landing on his car.

The incident happened in Chelan, Washington, the Washington State Patrol reports. The animal jumped from an area on the hillside where the driver had noticed a herd of bighorn sheep. Due to the weight and impact of the fall, the sheep caused the man’s windshield to be smashed.

Thankfully, the incident did not cause injuries or other collisions with different vehicles.

Still, many other aren’t as lucky.

We hope that drivers who read our blog are aware of the risks associated with wildlife this time of year. Until December, the risks of accidents are greater and drivers should be aware of what is going on ahead of them and in their immediate surroundings. If you must drive at night and you will be taking a route that is more likely to put in you harm’s way, make sure you do not speed and that your vehicle’s headlights are working properly so that you’re able to see what’s ahead in time.

When you speed, you’re less likely to have time to react to an emergency, increasing the risk of an accident. When driving during wildlife mating season, the risk of crashing into an animal crossing the road becomes real, and motorists must act accordingly to avoid collisions that could even lead to serious, deadly injuries.

For more on this accident, follow this link.

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