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Four Injured In Accident Involving Several Vehicles, Truck

It isn’t easy to navigate through the beautiful state of Washington during wintertime. That’s why here at Bernard law group, we often urge our readers and clients to slow down as the temperature drops.

An accident that happened in Snohomish County is serving as an example how important is for drivers to stay focused and avoid distraction, intoxication, or drowsy driving. And while this particular accident is still under investigation and hasn’t been associated with any particular factor, we’re reminded that the consequences are quite similar to the consequences of accidents caused by the factors we mentioned in this paragraph. That’s partially why we often report on these accidents as our readers and clients are able to learn about certain activities and types of situation they may find themselves in and thus, they will be able to learn just what they should do or avoid doing to prevent accidents.

The latest accident involving a truck to have been reported involves a logging truck and five other vehicles.

The Highway 2 accident happened on Monday morning, According to law enforcement, the truck was headed westbound on U.S. 2 when an SUV that had been heading eastbound ended up crossing the center line as it approached 88th Street. While the truck driver attempted to avoid a collision, it ended up swerving and losing control of the vehicle. The truck was carrying logs that due to the maneuver spilled all over the road.

With the logs on the road, four other vehicles struck them. At least one of the injured suffered serious wounds and had to be airlifted to the hospital.

At least for people were injured.

While no other details regarding the injuries were revealed, we hope that all those who were injured in this accident are receiving the attention and medical care they require to have a full and speedy recovery.


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