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Distracted Driver Injured In Accident After Speeding

Distracted driving puts the lives of drivers, passengers, pedestrians, and countless others in grave danger. The same goes for speed. When drivers go above the speed limit, they expose themselves and others to major dangers. But when both factors are combined, things will only get worse.

According to several news outlets, both speeding and distracted driving were associated with an accident involving an Oregon driver. The Sunday afternoon crash that happened on state Route 7 took place in Lewis County. According to the Washington State Patrol, a white 2015 Toyota Corolla driven by a 29-year-old was traveling north on SR 7 when the driver allowed the vehicle to cross over the southbound lane. Due to the maneuver, the vehicle crashed into an earth bank, prompting the driver to suffer injuries as a result of the impact.

She was rushed to a hospital.

The driver was later cited for traveling too fast for the road conditions and for distracted driving. She was also cited for driving with a suspended license.

The motorist was not intoxicated at the time of the accident but the combination of speed and distraction was obviously not a great idea.

Whether you’re a young, inexperienced driver or a veteran, you must remember that you’re not above the law. You’re also not invincible. If you act as such, you risk putting yourself in a similar danger, suffering injuries that could even turn out to be fatal.

While we’re glad the driver in this accident wasn’t seriously or deadly injured and hope she will make a full recovery in a record time, we hope others will learn from this accident so they may avoid being involved in similar collisions.

Many drivers have the false assumption that nothing will happen to them, no matter what. And it’s because we care about the safety and well being of our readers, clients, and future clients that we urge everyone to avoid taking part in activities that may put them in danger. And that’s why we continue to update our blog regularly with stories that will help our readers learn from others’ mistakes.


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