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Yes, Road Rage May Lead To An Accident

Many drivers dismiss the dangers associated with road rage, thinking that not many cases occur and that they do not lead to accidents. In any case, the Washington State Patrol has just reported that a crash reportedly caused by road rage on Sunday turned out to be fatal.

The horrific accident happened at about 3 in the morning and it forced officials to close three lanes of the northbound I-5. According to the authorities, the accident may have happened after an episode of road rage as the vehicle involved in the crash had previously been associated with a road rage incident involving a pickup truck.

Unfortunately, detectives are still looking into the accident and are still unsure of who’s to blame and if road rage was, indeed, a factor. However, we must keep in mind that regardless of what happened in this particular case, road rage is just as dangerous as any of the other factors commonly associated with accidents.

Much like distracted and intoxicated driving, road rage may  cause an accident because the driver who’s angered may become oblivious of his or her surrounding. When that’s the case, the driver will become more likely to crash as his or her response times may become delayed. But that’s not the only issue with road rage incidents, as drivers may also speed, cut other drivers, and fail to slow down or stop when traffic calls for it, increasing the risk of a rear-ending accident.

Whenever you feel like you might be close to experiencing an anger episode while behind the wheel, remember all of the possible risks you may be putting yourself through, especially if you drive regularly. Before succumbing to emotions, take a deep breath and, if needed, pull over safely to a place where you can park your car momentarily and take a breather.

Stepping away from what has been angering you may help you to avoid accidents while also keeping you sane.

For more on this tragic accident and other updates, follow this link. To learn more on what activities should be avoided so you can prevent accidents, continue to visit our blog regularly.


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