Accident Report: Children Injured, Woman Killed In Two Separate Crashes

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semi trailers 534577 960 720

Washington State Patrol officials reported that two major crashes happened recently and that, unfortunately, one accident led to a fatality. The second crash resulted in four injuries.

The fatal accident happened in Cornell. According to the authorities, a woman died when a semi truck ran a stop sign and crashed into her car. The 35-year-old was driving her Ford Escape on Highway 26 when the truck failed to stop on Booker Road. The horrific accident involved no other vehicles.

Officials say she was declared dead at the scene while the semi 66-year-old driver did not suffer any injuries.

While officials did not disclose why the driver failed to stop, the investigation continues. Whatever the cause, we must remember that this tragic accident is the perfect example of why failing to stop at a stop sign is dangerous. We hope drivers reading about this collision understand this.

US 2 Accident Sends Two Children To Hospital

The WSP reports that four people, including two children, suffered injuries in an accident in Monroe. A 35-year-old woman sitting behind a Buick tried to turn left off U.S. 2 at Fern Bluff Road but ended up crashing into a pickup truck. Her vehicle was carrying a 12- and an 11-year-old.

All Buick occupants suffered critical injuries. Emergency crews took them to an Everett hospital for treatment. The pickup driver also suffered injuries.

Officials reported that the crash blocked the road for over 30 minutes.

We hope all victims in this accident are recovering promptly and in full. And we hope that drivers will learn from these accidents and do all in their power to avoid similar collisions.

We must all do our part to keep Washington’s roads safer. Unfortunately, too many drivers are still careless, distracted, or too tired to drive, causing accidents across the state.

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