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Four-Car Accident In Vancouver Caused By Distracted Driver

An accident in Vancouver, Washington, has resulted in two injuries, reported have indicated. This report is important because the multi-vehicle accident was allegedly caused by a distraction.

As we have covered several times before, distracted driving is deadly. As more and more drivers become injured or expose others to injuries because of distraction, concerns continue to be raised. And even as officials claim that the state’s new distracted driving law is working, we still see many accidents like the one that just happened in Vancouver be triggered by distraction.

According to a series of news reports, the four cars involved were traveling westbound on SR-500 when the traffic slowed down and then stopped. Because one 31-year-old driver did not realize that the traffic had stopped, he continued going, crashing into the back of a Ford Crown Victoria. The vehicle then crashed into the car ahead, which was then pushed into a Jeep Cherokee SUV.

Three of the vehicles involved were total losses and at least two of the drivers had to be transported to the hospital. One of the injured motorists was in critical condition.

The driver who was distracted at the time of the accident will face the charge of second-degree negligent driving. He wasn’t injured.

We hope that all individuals who were injured are being able to recover fully and in a timely manner. We also hope that other drivers are learning from this man’s mistake. After all, this type of accident often has serious consequences. Ignoring the risks put innocent people in grave danger.

Continue reading reports like this to learn more about how accidents taking place in your own state are happening. This will give you a better idea of what you should be doing to avoid similar accidents.

As personal injury attorneys, we have helped countless victims of similar accidents. The pain and suffering individuals go through is tremendous and we must do all in our power to avoid causing this type of tragedy.

For more on this particular accident, follow this link for the full report.

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