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After Multi-Car Accident, Driver Flees Scene On Foot

Hit-and-run accidents happen regularly in Washington state. But despite the regularity in which these incidents occur, it’s rare to hear of accidents involving drivers who attempt to flee the scene of a large, multi-vehicle accident by foot. After all, it’s difficult for a person on foot to run away from patrol cars. Still sometimes, drivers who are reckless and who are guilty of provoking an accident will flee and won’t be caught until later — even on foot.

According to a series of news reports, four lanes of the northbound Interstate 5 were blocked Sunday morning after a motorist started a crash involving five vehicles.

Officials have stated that a driver who was in one of the southbound lanes struck a pickup truck, causing its driver to lose control. As a result, the vehicle crossed the barrier and crashed into other vehicles in the northbound lanes.

While officials did not immediately report how many drivers and passengers were injured, news reports say that none of the injuries were life-threatening.

Despite the good news, the driver who caused the accident fled the scene on foot. And believe it or not, he ended up disappearing from the scene. Officials are asking anyone with information that may help them find the culprit to step forward.

Officials reporting on the accident say that thanks to seat belts, lives were saved. They urged drivers to keep that in mind and always have their seat belts buckled while inside of a vehicle.

While we’re glad that all of those who were involved survived, we’re saddened to have learned that people were injured unnecessarily and that the driver to blame fled the scene.

We hope that officials are able to find the driver who fled as soon as possible so that justice is served.

If you’re ever involved in an accident, remain at the scene until help and law enforcement have arrived.

For more information on this accident, follow this link.

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