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Motorcyclist Injured In Accident With Deer

It pains us whenever an accident is reported in Washington state. Unfortunately, many of these accidents result in injuries that turn out serious and that expose the victims to years if not decades of painful treatments.

The latest accident to have happened in Washington involved a Seattle motorcyclist who, unfortunately, suffered injuries as a result.

According to the reports, the 22-year-old rider from Seattle was in the eastbound lanes of State Route 410 Tuesday when at 6:50 p.m., he struck a deer just 25 miles west of Naches.

After the accident, the rider had to be transported to the hospital for treatment. Thankfully, the rider was wearing a helmet at the time of the collision. No other vehicles were involved.

Official reports show that one in every 356 Washington state drivers or riders will eventually have an encounter with a deer. That’s why it’s imperative that drivers and riders pay attention to road signs and never go above the speed limit. As we enter the time of the year when most of the deer-related collisions take place in Washington, between October and December, drivers must keep in mind that this is the time they must be more vigilant.

Accidents involving wild life can be serious and potentially deadly. We’re thankful this particular accident involving a rider didn’t result in major or deadly injuries and we hope that the victim is being able to recover in full and quickly. Still, we must warn others that other similar accidents have turned out serious and deadly in the past.

We will continue to report on similar accidents until more drivers and riders are better aware of the consequences of ignoring important road rules. We will also continue to let our readers and clients know about the latest accidents and what injuries they have resulted so that they may learn how to avoid them.

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