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AAA: Automakers Must Make Safer In-Car Technology For Older Drivers

Automakers aren’t making enough technology to help older drivers stay safe, a new AAA report says.

According to the organization, many of the new systems in use by car makers today are often “overwhelming” to older drivers. This may increase both anxiety and distraction, making accidents more likely to happen.

The study shows that drivers between the ages of 55 and 75 are more likely to remove their eyes from the road for eight seconds longer than drivers between the ages of 21 and 36. This means that these drivers are struggling to deal with in-car technology, whereas younger drivers aren’t.

Because these distractions take the driver’s hands off the wheel and attention away from driving, AAA said that older drivers should learn what the technology offered well before hitting the road. Still, AAA and authorities say, older drivers still tend to be the most cautious. But despite their natural cautious disposition, distractions may still play a role.

In order to really make roads safer for everyone, AAA urges automakers to make technology available that is easier for older drivers.




Car Safety And Technology

Unfortunately, too much in-car technology is often associated with distraction.

Because infotainment systems as well as navigation technology often take too much of the driver’s attention, driving while using these systems may become dangerous. And what’s worse, this issue doesn’t impact only older drivers.

We hope that automakers heed AAA’s recommendations. And most importantly, we hope that drivers know their limitations and act accordingly.

Avoid accidents by being well-versed with the technology in your car before venturing out. If needed, seek the help of someone who may be able to help you. And if you still feel overwhelmed, consider avoiding the technology while driving. If needed, pull over safely before trying to deal with the infotainment system or navigation tool.

For more on the AAA and what it recommends automakers, follow this link.

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