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Snapchat Lawsuit Over Crash Dismissed

Snapchat had been named in a lawsuit over a highway crash. Now, reports show that a judge has dismissed the claims against the companies in what has been considered a victory for the company.

A couple had sued Snapchat and a driver in April 2016, claiming that the driver was trying to reach 100 mph while on a highway south of Atlanta. The vehicle finally hit theirs. The impact prompted the vehicle to fly across the left lane, with the couple’s car falling into an embankment.

The crash took place in September of 2015, and at least one of the victims suffered brain damage as a result. The judge presiding over the case dismissed the suit, claiming that blaming the company’s “speed filter” would be dangerous, since it could open a “floodgate” of lawsuits that would allow individuals to blame companies for all kinds of incidents. The driver, the judge said, is the one who must be responsible about his or her use of technologies while behind the wheel.

Whether you agree with the judge or not, it’s important that this case is bringing the public’s attention to the risks associated with speeding and using smartphones while behind the wheel.

Whether the driver is using his phone to talk, text, or to take photos or videos is irrelevant. What matters is that distractions lead to serious accidents like this crash that could expose them to injury risks. Distracted driving has become an epidemic. And now, more individuals are beginning to go after major tech companies like Snapchat and Apple due to the risks associated with devices and apps these companies are making available to users. Why? Because they are getting injured and killed. And individuals who are to blame for the crash were using their smartphones.

While we remind our readers and clients that it’s their duty to be alert to the traffic and what other drivers are doing, we also welcome companies that do their best to prevent accidents by creating safeguard that will keep drivers from using their apps while behind the wheel.

We hope to see more drivers and smartphone users talking about these risks and being honest about the possible consequences. Driving is a responsibility, and drivers must know that if they are being negligent, the most likely outcome will be a crash. Negligent drivers must pay for what they done so others can learn from their mistakes.

If you’re curious to know more about this lawsuit, you may follow this link. And if you are a Washington driver and you’re serious about helping to make the Evergreen state safer for everyone involved, put your phone down the minute you sit behind the wheel. And only touch it again if you have pulled over and stopped the car safely.

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