2014 Was The Year Both Sales & Recall Records Were Broken

Never in the history of the United States consumers were as bombarded by auto recalls as they were during the past year.

The increase in the number of these campaigns, some analysts say, may have a lot to do with the boost of auto sales the year of 2014 is now being celebrated for. According to a series of news reports, automakers sold more cars in 2014 than they sold during the last record-breaking year for auto sales.

Many experts believe that last year’s particularly interesting recall phenomenon had a lot to do with the fact that the number of cars on the roads was going up considerably. If more cars are on the road, more cars are going to be recalled.

Consumers bought one million more cars in 2014 than they did in 2013. This considerable increase in the number of sales may have a series of roots, including the lower gas prices, recovering economy, and the advancement of leasing deals. Companies that have been particularly rewarded when it comes to their sales include Toyota, General Motors, Fiat Chrysler, and Honda.

Many experts believe the recent boost in sales should justify many of the companies focusing more on safety so that future recalls can be avoided.

Analysts of the auto industry have been indicating that 2014 has exceeded everybody’s expectations, particularly after the scandalous recalls involving GM and Toyota cars.

Safety experts are now concerned that this auto sales trend is an indicator that consumers are not paying enough attention to safety when the time to buy new vehicles has come. They believe that consumers are not checking used cars for open recalls before actually purchasing them, putting the lives of their loved ones in major danger.

According to experts, some of the best-sellers in 2014 included several small and luxury SUVs. While experts continue to seek just what may have pushed the sales of these types of autos, others hope the surge of auto sales will help boost the confidence of automakers so they are able to develop better and safer vehicles in the future.

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During the year of 2015, make sure to never ignore an auto recall that impacts your car. Too often, recalls involve issues that may cause auto accidents prompted by equipment failure. If you choose to ignore recalls that could expose you or your loved ones to personal injury risks could end up putting you in a very difficult situation in the near future.