Motorcycle Rider Killed In Collision With Car

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As you may have noticed, Washington state has been seeing an increase in accidents during the warm, summer days. This is normal as many more drivers hit the road during this time of year. Still, it isn’t because the accident rates go up that you should act as if there’s nothing you can do to avoid collisions.

We all can be better and safer drivers and riders who avoid accidents by simply being alert, focusing on the road, never drinking and driving, and by always following road rules.

The latest accident we were made aware of unfortunately took place in South Seattle. According to the reports, a motorcycle rider, 44, was riding his vehicle when he and a passenger car collided. The 29-year-old driver wasn’t injured by the rider was declared dead at the scene.

As officials are investigating this accident to learn exactly what factor may have led to this crash and who’s at fault, we urge our readers to remember that deadly motorcycle accidents occur all too often.

In many of these accidents, the driver is to blame because he or she is not alert. As a result, he or she may not be able to tell exactly what is ahead or the next lane over. If you cannot make sure that the road is absolutely clear before changing lanes, then you shouldn’t change lanes until you are certain.

But in other cases, motorcycle riders can also be to blame.

If they are speeding or acting erratically, or simply following too close, they too may collide. Not paying attention to road rules and signs is also a major part of how these accidents happen. So to avoid this type of collision, both drivers and riders must act accordingly.

We are saddened that this rider lost his life this way and we hope his family is getting the support and attention they require in this time of need. We also hope the authorities are working tirelessly to learn just what caused this accident.

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