Hit-And-Run Brings Attention To Violent Crashes

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February 10, 2017
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police, crash, crashes, washington, spokane

It pains us to report on auto crashes, especially when they involve hit-and-run drivers. Because of the risks and because of the consequences, many of these stories concern us. Precisely because the number of drivers acting erratically remain essentially unchanged. As personal injury lawyers, we know the pain the victims and their families go through and we hope to see fewer of these crashes happening in our beautiful state of Washington.

According to the latest announcements published by local news sources, a driver who’s been involved in a serious crash on Interstate 5 is still at large. The crash was so violent that the vehicle impacted was cut in half.

Reports show that the crash happened Sunday at about 4 am on I-5 and Northeast 50th Street. One of the most brutal crashes we have seen in a while was caught on camera by the Washington Department of Transportation. The footage shows bits of the car strewn across the freeway.

The vehicle involved in the accident was a pickup truck, whose driver fled the scene. Later, the driver ended up crashing his own vehicle, leaving it behind at Northeast 50th and 2nd Avenue. The driver who fled the scene was seen bleeding from his nose and head. Authorities are still looking for him or for information that may lead to him. Due to the crash and the injuries, authorities are looking into collecting evidence off the truck’s airbags. This crash is still under investigation.

Drivers must remember that even if crashes don’t lead to injuries, drivers must not leave the location of the accident until the authorities have been summoned up. Drivers who fail to heed these instructions could face steep fines and legal consequences. And to avoid crashes like this in the first place, drivers must keep in mind that key factors such as speed, drinking and driving, and distracted driving must always be avoided. Not just because they are against the law, but because they put lives in danger.

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