Woman Distracted By Cockroach In Vehicle Crashes

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Distracted driving is present everywhere in the globe. Unfortunately, the risks associated with the activity are often ignored and drivers use their phones and other electronics while behind the wheel regardless of the potential consequences.

But sometimes, accidents happen because of other types of distraction. These are often accidental but sometimes end up being as dangerous as distracted driving accidents caused by motorists who were willingly distracted while behind the wheel.

According to a series of news outlets, a woman in Singapore was driving her red Mazda when, all of a sudden, she saw a cockroach inside her vehicle. Startled by the realization, the woman drove into the stairway of a local bridge,badly damaging her car and the bridge.

The accident thankfully didn’t result in any injuries, but the fact that such a traumatizing experience took place before the crash reminded us of the countless cases of distracted driving that are not necessarily associated with phone use and how they end up putting the safety of drivers in jeopardy.

While this freak accident happened in another country, it’s true that this could have happened to many drivers here in Washington. We must remember to always remain calm and collected whenever we’re encountered with an emergency or an issue that may result in an accident.

We’re glad that the victim was able to escape this accident without any injury. We’re also happy that the accident itself was not as concerning as it could be. Still, the collision should serve as a reminder that there are a series of distractions that may cause a driver to crash. And some of them are not completely under our control.

If you have ever been the victim in an accident caused by a driver who was distracted by his or her phone and who broke the laws of the state, contact us for a free case evaluation. Do not let a third party along with an insurance company intimidate you into giving up on what you deserve.

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