Avoid Child Injuries, Check If Your Car Safety Seat Is Correctly Installed

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Car safety seats save lives

Many parents are still unaware of how to safely ensure that their child’s car safety seat is correctly installed and used.

For Seattle, Washington parents, avoiding car accidents is essential since they often ride with their little ones in the back seat. That’s why Safe Kids Worldwide often advocate for better car safety for all, helping to raise awareness to some important issues associated with child safety.

According to a recent study, most children restrained in a car safety seat aren’t properly buckled into their car seats.

The study found that 6 out of every 10 tethers used for forward-facing car seats aren’t being used correctly

Since the top tether is an important safety feature that helps to keep the car seat from moving forward in the event of an accident, the misuse or lack of use of the top tether may pose a head, neck, or spine injury risk to the child who may be facing forward.

While the study also found that parents are making a series of other mistakes while installing car safety seats or making use of them, it’s important that drivers seek the help of experts if they are not sure of how to properly follow installation instructions.

In Seattle, several organizations hold free car safety seat check events regularly to help parents understand what common mistakes should be avoided when using car safety seats

These events may be held by government-related organizations like the Washington State Patrol or private charity organizations. If you’re a parent and you would like to know when you can talk to a licensed technician that will know just how to help you in making sure that your car safety seat is secure, contact the WSP for upcoming free car safety seat check events in your area.

Remember that no matter how old your child is, if you’re not using the right seat for his or her age, weight, and height, and if you’re not making sure the device is properly used, chances are that your child will be injured in the event of a car accident. So do all you need to make sure your child is properly restrained for peace of mind.

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