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Kirk Bernard

Kirk Bernard Personal Injury LawyerI want to personally thank you for considering the Bernard Law Group. I realize that you have options in seeking legal counsel, and the number of alternatives can be overwhelming. In order to help you decide if ours is the right firm for you, I’d like to tell you a bit about myself.

For me, representing the rights of victims is more than a career — it’s a personal mission. My father, Saul Bernard, started his practice in the 1930s and tried hundreds of cases, representing all types of clients, regardless of status or standing. His only criteria for taking a case was whether he could help someone who had been wronged. [continue]

Viivi M. Vanderslice

Viivi Vanderslice Personal Injury LawyerViivi is a former insurance defense attorney. For eight years, she experienced first hand the unfair advantage insurance companies have over individuals. She knows that only through aggressive and skilled representation will an individual obtain fair compensation. In 2007, Viivi left insurance defense litigation and chose to dedicate herself solely to representing individuals who have been injured. Her compassion for her clients and dedication to obtain justice for her clients is her number one priority. [continue]

James E. Banks

James-E-Banks James loves representing and fighting for people who have been seriously harmed by another’s wrongful conduct. He strives to develop close relationships with every person he represents and he takes pride in becoming their advocate. As James prepares his cases, he walks a mile in his clients’ shoes. He has the ability to bring his client’s stories to life in an effort to obtain full and fair justice for that individual. [continue]

Myles J. Johnson


Bernard Law Group Staff


Megan Castello
Litigation Paralegal and Office Administrator

Megan Castello of the Bernard Law GroupMegan has been a personal injury paralegal in Washington for more than twenty years. She has been a member of the Bernard Law Group since 1999. Megan works directly with clients and attorneys throughout the entire case process from intake through trial or settlement. She is responsible for handling any issues a client may have with his/her insurance company, and in obtaining copies of important documents, such as medical records or police reports. As a client’s case flows through the different stages of the legal process, Megan gives updates to insurance companies and medical providers. Once a lawsuit has been filed with the court, she drafts all pleadings, schedules all depositions and hearings, and prepares the case for trial. Megan enjoys spending time with her family, running, and skiing.

Carly Mallow
Litigation Paralegal/Case Manager

Carly Walker of the Bernard Law GroupCarly has been a member of the Bernard Law Group team since 2001. Carly works directly with attorneys and clients throughout the entire case process, from intake through trial or settlement. She is responsible for handling any issues a client may have with his/her insurance company. If a client needs important documents for their personal injury case, such as medical records or police reports, Carly is responsible for obtaining them. She updates insurance companies and medical providers throughout the different stages of the legal process. Carly enjoys working closely with her clients and takes pride in the trust that they invest in her. Carly is devoted to making every client a top priority.

DeLynn Sterling
Paralegal/Case Manager

DeLynn Sterling of the Bernard Law GroupDeLynn Sterling has worked in the personal injury field since 2001. She is assertive, prompt and efficient with all aspects of the case. She brings to the firm the knowledge of property damage issues as well as achieves high standards for providing customer service, compassion, integrity, honesty, respect, and professionalism with each client.

She will manage and coordinate the benefits you may have under your personal injury protection (PIP), L&I, medical insurance, Medicare, and/or DSHS coverage for medical bills, lost wages and home care. She works aggressively on your behalf and making sure that you are getting all the benefits you deserve. She serves as the interface between you and the insurance companies and takes care of all the details in your case, allowing you to concentrate on healing.

Carrie J. Coleman

Carrie has worked in the personal injury field since 2005. Carrie has previously worked for five of the largest insurance companies nationwide, gaining a great deal of experience inside numerous regional court systems. She has attended numerous depositions, mediations, arbitrations, and trials. After seeing the unfair treatment of many injury victims, she decided to take her insider knowledge of insurance, and use it to help people who have been injured to recover for their injuries. Her specialties are property damage, car accidents, and medical malpractice. She will help you make sure you get the best resolution on your case in the most efficient, cost effective way possible.

Laura Wai

Lynnaya Baker

Lisa J. Woolsey

Jenessa L. Somes
Paralegal Assistant

Sophia Kirk
Paralegal Assistant

Cristi Brymer

Cristi Brymer from the Bernard Law Group

Julia Dorman