Washington State: More Than One Million Cars Have Open Recalls

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Over one million cars in Washington state have an open recall, Carfax data shows. According to the web-based vehicle history report service, the Evergreen state ranks 15th in the nation with the most recalls, and with 740,000 vehicles listed as having at least one open recall, Seattle ranks 13th among cities in the nation with the greater number of recalls. 

Considering many companies recall vehicles over safety risks, the high number of impacted vehicles is concerning. 

Smaller Vehicles More Likely To Be Impacted By Recalls

According to Carfax, while different types of vehicles are listed as being recalled, sedans are more likely to be impacted by safety recalls than SUVs. Some of the issues associated with open recalls include engine failure, defective airbags, and faulty windshields. 

As we have reported recently, both consumer product and automotive recalls are on the rise. With over a million cars traveling any given day on Washington roads being exposed to potentially risky equipment issues that could lead to accidents, it is clear that both automakers and regulators must do more to ensure drivers and their passengers are safe. Until then, consumers should make sure they are doing all in their power to stay safe.

Do Your Part To Avoid Recall-Related Accidents

Carfax told news outlets that being aware of potential hazards could be the difference between life and death. Unfortunately, not all car owners receive recall alerts in the mail because their contact information isn’t always up to date with their car’s manufacturer. 

If you worry your vehicle might have an open recall, you can check by visiting the Carfax recall tool or by visiting the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)’s recall lookup page.

If you ever experience an equipment failure, you may also use the NHTSA website to report the issue to regulatory authorities. If regulators see an influx of issues being reported, they can open probes into certain car models in order to ensure carmakers are following safety guidelines. 

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