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WSP: Accident Near Wapato Results In Injuries

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As personal injury attorneys it always pains us to see people suffering injuries due to an auto accident.

A crash near Wapato sent both drivers involved to the hospital, the Washington State Patrol reported.

According to the report, the accident happened on Saturday at 11:47 p.m., involving a 25-year-old driver and a 19-year-old driver.

The older driver was heading northbound on Lateral A Road when her Mitsubishi Eclipse crossed the center line. The driver, who was not wearing her seat belt, allowed the vehicle to crash into a southbound driver.

The second driver was in a Subaru Legacy when the crash happened. She was wearing her seat belt.

Officials sent both drivers to the hospital for treatment.

At this moment, the factor that led to this crash is still under investigation. We hope they are able to determine the cause of crash soon so that other drivers may avoid similar accidents.

Avoid A Similar Accident By Never Drinking And Driving

This particular accident reminds us that drivers are often too negligent. Negligence puts drivers in danger, and exposes them to risks that could even result in their deaths.

Our goal as personal injury attorneys is to always put the safety of drivers and passengers first. If drivers are being negligent and reckless, accidents will happen.

In order to change this reality and make Washington roads safer, we must make sure that drivers understand that driving is a privilege and a responsibility. Acting in any other way is to endanger lives.

If you are a parent of teens, teach your children to avoid accidents by being responsible. Lead by example by being an attentive driver and avoid distractions. Also, make sure they understand that drinking and driving is never an option.

The practice isn’t only illegal but also deadly.

For more on this accident follow this link.

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