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WSDOT, WSP Officials: Follow These Tips To Avoid Accidents This Winter

As we approach winter, officials with the Washington State Patrol and the Washington State Department of Transportation are urging drivers to take some important precautions to avoid accidents. Most importantly, they are urging Washington drivers to be mindful of the winter conditions and how to properly navigate them. 

In their discussion with a local news station, officials said drivers must think about driving in winter conditions long before they leave the house. Because of how snow moves to lower elevations and how storms can increase visibility issues, drivers must know what they must do in different situations in order to avoid accidents. They also must be prepared for emergencies. 

Officials Have Prepared For Winter, Now Drivers Must Prepare To Avoid Accidents

During the past few weeks, WSDOT officials told reporters, plows and deicers were being set up to work extra hard during this winter season. Expecting a much wetter and cooler winter up at the pass, officials are urging drivers to follow into their footsteps and get ready. 

One thing that Washington residents must remember, officials explained, is that the pandemic taught us that there are different ways we can go about getting things done that does not involve hitting the road. Many of the online activities we have gotten used to due to the coronavirus pandemic will probably come in handy when another major snowstorm hits, they added. 

If possible, officials said, work from home. If you don’t have to leave the house when road conditions aren’t optimal, you are putting your life and safety first. However, if you do need to leave the house, WSP troopers told reporters, remember to carry chains in your vehicle.

Additionally, you should make sure your vehicle is fitted with the correct type of tires and that you are storing extra food, water, blankets, a first aid kit, and flashlights in your car in case you get stuck in a closure.

When driving on icy roads, officials reminded drivers to never speed. And when you see a road closure sign posted, heed the warning. Depending on what happened to prompt officials to close the road, drivers who might try to go around it could find that the entire roadway has washed away! Paying attention to the posted signs and what officials are urging them to do can help prevent accidents and keep everyone safe.

For more tips on how to drive safely this winter, click here

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