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WATCH: Motorcycle Rider Clings to Car After Crash

Car crashes are always terrifying. But there is something about motorcycle crashes that makes them even more fantastic, for  lack of a better word. A video of a motorcycle accident is slowly going viral. And the reason why will make you want to watch it as well.

According to a series of news reports, a motorcycle rider was seen clinging to a moving vehicle after crashing in Washington on 1-5 near Tumwater. The video, which was captured by his helmet cam, has now become famous. But we’re sharing this with our audience not because of the rider’s feat, but to remind Washington residents about the dangers of being involved in motorcycle crashes.

Riders are much more vulnerable simply because they do not have a structure around them to protect them in the event of a crash. And while this rider came out of the accident alive and in one piece, many others aren’t as lucky.

News reports claim that the rider was merging behind slow traffic on I-5 when a driver cut in front of him. Just a few moments later, the motorcyclist slammed into the back of the vehicle, causing the rider to roll onto the driver’s trunk. Instead of stopping, the rider said, the driver hit the gas. The rider didn’t let that happen that easy, grabbing the vehicle’s spoiler and banging on the rear window. The rider continues to hang on, even as the driver took off.

According to the Washington State Patrol, the rider had been driving his motorcycle erratically. Nevertheless, the rider denies the claim. Instead, the rider says the driver was the erratic one, driving around with no brake lights.

Law enforcement says the driver was intoxicated, and hadn’t been carrying insurance or a license. The WSP is still investigating the incident.

Despite all the attention this video got online, the rider says he’s simply happy to be alive.

We hope this video helps drivers and motorcycle riders to understand the importance of focusing on the road, driving and riding at an appropriate speed, and making sure your headlights are always in functioning conditions. While this crash did not result in any serious injuries, it could have had a very drastic outcome.

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