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Washington Troopers Urge Drivers To Avoid Car Accidents This Spring Break

Police Urge Drivers To Avoid Car Accidents

As we enter the month of March, Washingtonians are reminded that spring break is just around the corner. That means that a great deal of college students will be hitting the road around the same time to enjoy the seven-day hiatus, and as we all know, when more people hit the road, car accidents are more likely to happen. 

In order to help prevent accidents, the Washington State Patrol is carrying out emphasis patrols during spring break and will be focusing on Highway 26. According to officials, Washington State University students will be using that road en masse, making it a hot spot for potential collisions. 

To avoid accidents, WSP troopers are urging Washington drivers to pay attention to the road due to the increased traffic. They are also asking drivers to follow some simple safety tips.

Washington Officials: Avoid Car Accidents This Spring Break

Before hitting the road, troopers are urging drivers to make sure their vehicles are in top shape. 

Checking lights and wipers to avoid visibility issues, making sure the oil is changed if needed, and checking the tires before hitting the road could save lives. Avoiding drowsy driving is also important, so get plenty of sleep before hitting the road. 

Additionally, troopers are reminding drivers that winter is not officially over yet. 

The cold weather can still bring in icy mornings, making roads more dangerous. If you’re going over a pass, make sure your car has the right traction to avoid accidents. 

While behind the wheel, officials added, drivers must remember that following the law will help them to prevent collisions. 

Staying off the phone, avoiding other distractions, and driving the speed limit are all sure ways to stay safe while operating a vehicle. Unfortunately, not all drivers understand this. 

To students who are just tired and are trying to get home as fast as possible, ignoring the rules to try to get to their destination faster might be tempting. However, officials are reminding drivers, troopers will be on the lookout for people breaking the law. You might choose to ignore traffic rules but officials won’t ignore your behavior.  If you have been in an accident contact the personal injury attorneys at the Bernard Law Group.

For more tips on how to stay safe this spring break, follow this link.

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