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Washington Gets Its First Pokemon Go-Related Crash

And now, it’s official. Even Washington state has its own Pokemon Go-related crash story.

According to a series of news reports, the Washington State Patrol reported that it has registered the state’s first Pokemon Go-related auto crash in the state. The incident took place on State Route 202 this past Monday.

Official reports show that the 28-year-old man involved in the crash was driving his vehicle on the eastbound lane of State Route 202 when he crashed into the back of a Chevrolet that had stopped to wait to make a left turn. The driver responsible for the rear-end collision admitted he had been distracted while playing Pokemon Go during the moments that led to the crash.

Neither of the two Chevy vehicle occupants were injured in the crash.

Incidents involving Pokemon Go players have been reported everywhere in the country. Unlike the one that just took place in Washington, however, not all incidents involve crashes.

In California, two men fell off a cliff while looking for Pokemon while players in Orlando were mistaken for thieves, which caused a man to shoot at them. A driver in Baltimore crashed his vehicle into the back of a police car early this past Monday morning also because of Pokemon Go.

In Washington state, the authorities are urging drivers to keep in mind that they should put “safety over tir high score,” recommending a series of safety steps for those who happen to be drivers and Pokemon Go players.

Some of the safety tips the authorities are sharing with drivers include making sure that they never trespass, making house owners suspicious and scared. They are also urging Pokemon Go players to avoid catching Pokemon while driving, which law enforcement described as being more dangerous than texting and driving. Also, make sure to never catch Pokemon while driving, for obvious reasons.

While on your way to PokeStop, authorities urge players, make sure you know your surroundings. Pa attention to where you’re going and avoid risking your life just because you found a character.

If you’re curious to know more about the Pokemon Go-related crash that took place in Washington, follow this link to read the full report.

If you’re serious about your safety and the safety of your fellow Washingtonians, put your phone down and focus on the road and the act of driving. As a pedestrian, make sure to stay alert as well, since walking without paying attention where you’re going may lead to crashes.

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