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Two Teens Seriously Injured In South Seattle Crash

It’s unfortunate, but we have heard of too many crashes in our beautiful Seattle recently. And what’s worse, many have resulted in serious and even deadly results. Thankfully, talking about what leads to a crash often helps others to become safer drivers.

The latest crash involving Seattle locals happened early Tuesday. Unfortunately, the car accident resulted in major injuries, impacting the two teenage boys greatly.

According to the reports, a vehicle crashed against a tree in South Seattle, leaving the vehicle in such a bad state that it ended up wrapping around the tree. The impact was so violent that the two teens were stuck. After being extricated from the wreckage, both teens were rushed to the hospital. One was in critical condition while the second was described as being in stable condition.

At the moment, officials are still investigating the incident, but hope to ensure that the circumstances leading up to the crash are revealed soon.

This is important because many believe that speed may have been a factor in the accident. That would explain why the car was wrapped around the tree the way it was.

We hope that both teens are able to recover quickly and fully. We also hope that the factors behind this crash are revealed promptly so that we may help others to avoid similar mistakes.

We urge drivers of all ages to never speed and to always put safety first. But to do all that, they must know the rules of the road, and they must make sure that they are alert, focused, and never distracted.

Teens are unfortunately more likely to be distracted. And because distracted driving may lead to serious and even potentially deadly crashes, it’s important that drivers do all in their power to ensure that they are not being distracted by outside factors or even their own passengers.

We hope that more people learn about this and similar crashes so they can act accordingly to avoid being involved in the same type of crash.

For more on the accident, follow this link.

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