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Truck Crash Kills Driver, 500 Pounds of Ammonia Leaked

As personal injury attorneys, we are familiar with the pain and suffering the families of victims of tragic auto, bicycle, truck, or motorcycle accidents go through. We specialize in offering the legal support they require in times of need and work to prepare them for the process. But nothing in life is able to prepare you for a tragedy.

According to a series of news reports, an accident involving a tractor-trailer on Interstate 90 caused the death of the 32-year-old truck driver.

Washington State Patrol officers who were called to the scene claim that the 32-year-old man’s truck was on the westbound lanes of I-90 when the vehicle left the road, sliding to the left. Due to the incident, the driver overcorrected, causing the ammonia-filled tanks to roll out of the tractor. As a result, the truck rolled onto its top, resting in a ditch.

Another truck following behind wasn’t able to avoid collision, hitting the ammonia tanks. The tanks contained 7,000 pounds of anhydrous ammonia. The product is used on farms as nitrogen fertilizer. According to a series of reports, the largest tank of ammonia impacted in this crash was breached, and about 500 pounds of ammonia leaked. Authorities had to close the road on both directions to clear the way. People occupying house nearby were also asked to leave as a result of the leak.

The tank was later re-sealed by specialist so authorities could transport it out of the accident location. At least one officer who was present at the scene was treated at a hospital for possible exposure to the chemical. One person died as a result of his tragic crash, but no other vehicles were impacted.

We hope the victims of this tragic truck accident are obtaining the help they require in this time of need. We also hope none of the residents in the region who had to leave their houses as a result of the leak experienced any health-related issues as a result of the exposure to the chemical.

Until more details regarding the factors that led to this crash surface, we hope to see the authorities working hard to make sure that the causes behind this crash are unveiled so others may avoid making the same mistakes.

For more on this story, you may follow this link for the full report.

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