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Pedestrian Killed In Tragic WA Truck Accident

A tragic accident involving a semi truck in the Tri-Cities area in Washington caused the road to be shut down for some time so that officials could investigate, reports show.

According to a series of news reports, a pedestrian was the victim in the tragic accident.

As the victim was trying to cross Columbia Drive in Kennewick at night on Tuesday, the truck pulling a trailer was also traveling in the eastbound lanes of East Columbia Drive. The truck ended up hitting the pedestrian near an intersection about two blocks was of the off-ramp coming from Highway 395.

Reports do not confirm if the pedestrian was crossing mid-block or if another vehicle may have been involved in the accident.

The pedestrian was killed as a result of this accident.

We hope that officials are doing all in their power to learn what prompted this truck vs. pedestrian accident. We’re also terribly heartbroken to learn that the victim unfortunately succumbed to his injuries. We know how terribly difficult this period is for the victim’s loved ones as we have helped countless individuals whose family members were fatally injured in similar truck and auto accidents.

We hope our readers and clients are alert both as drivers and as pedestrians.

Trucks are large and heavy vehicles that may cause great damage in an accident. Pedestrians are naturally vulnerable as they do not have a shell protecting them in the event of impact due to a collision. Both drivers and pedestrians must be aware of the risks and act accordingly.

Drivers must always beware that, sometimes, pedestrians may cross without looking. If you’re approaching an intersection, be prepared to stop even if there are no stop signs or lights.

Pedestrians must remember to never walk at night without wearing bright colors or reflectors attached to their clothing. They must also avoid have headphones on while walking or crossing the street.

Make eye contact with drivers so you’re sure they are aware of you and look carefully to both sides of the road before crossing.

For more on this tragic truck accident, follow this link.

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