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Tri-Cities Rainfall Increases, Making Crashes More Likely to Happen

When it rains, it pours. And when it pours, drivers should pay attention.

Across the state, stronger rains have been pouring down across the Tri-Cities region, concerning local drivers.

Experts and law enforcement agents urge drivers to pay close attention to the road during this time of the year mostly because it may be more likely for accidents to happen when the roads are slippery.

By October 20, total rainfall in Pasco was 1.39 inches and 1.14 inches in the region of Kennewick. During the same period in 2015, Pasco saw 0.65 inches of rainfall, while Kennewick saw 0.60 inches.

The fact we are seeing a greater amount of rainfall during this time of year concerns experts and law enforcement precisely because driving in wet or snowy conditions makes drivers more likely to lose control over their vehicles, which could cause the car to slide off the road.

In order to help drivers avoid collisions and stay safe, officials are urging drivers to slow down.

As long as you’re not impeding traffic or in the left lane, local officials say, slow down.

In order to show drivers and riders just how important driving safely is, officials have brought up a motorcycle crash to illustrate just how bad speeding can be, and just how easy it is to prevent a serious and even deadly crash.

In early October, a motorcycle rider lost control of his vehicle while on Highway 240 about 9:30 pm because he was going too fast. Due to the road conditions, he was unable to negotiate a turn and a crash occurred.

Do not allow this happen to you or to a loved one. Stay focused on the road and on the act of driving and keep in mind that, if it’s raining or snowing, you should leave early if you have to arrive somewhere at a particular time.

Before hitting the road, check the weather report to know how you should proceed. If the weather conditions worsen and you’re not confident you are ready to navigate the road, find a ride, take public transportation, or make sure you have another way of getting to your destination safely. After all, with how much rainfall we’ve been getting, things could get much worse.

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