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Tragic Motorcycle Crash Reported, Kirkland Man Killed

It always pains us to report on motorcycle crashes, especially when people die as a result of these collisions. Hopefully, reporting on these tragedies may help others to know what they should avoid while on the road.

A tragic motorcycle crash that took place in Everett resulted in a fatality.

According to local news reports, the accident happened on Thursday at about 5 am. The motorcyclist was on his 2005 Honda VTX130 on the southbound lanes of the freeway. When the motorcyclist attempted to change lanes, he crashed into the 1990 black Volkswagen Beetle. The authorities who responded to the scene claim that the motorcycle rider had been going too fast.

Due to the speed, the motorcycle rider was unable to stop in time. This tragic crash claimed the life of the motorcyclist. He was a 45-year-old man from Kirkland.

Reports on the specific injuries the motorcycle rider suffered were not released. According to the authorities, he was wearing a USDOT compliant helmet. Authorities are still investigating the factors that led to this crash.

The Volkswagen Beetle driver wasn’t hurt.

This tragic motorcycle accident serves as a reminder that speeding is deadly. Paying attention to speed limits and other road rules will help you to avoid crashes like this.

As an attorney, I know all too well the consequences of similar driving mistakes. If you’re a driver or a motorcyclist, make sure to always follow the rules and avoid speeding, even if you are very confident in your driving skills.

Many drivers, especially young ones, are overly confident. That’s why distracted driving ends up hurting teens and young adults more often. Learning defensive driving techniques will help to avoid these types of crashes. So make sure your child or loved one knows how to avoid accidents by following the rules and never letting distraction take over.

For more information on this crash, follow this link. If you’re ever seriously injured because a third party broke the rules of the road, contact us for a free review of your case.

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