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Toy Recall Launched After Children Were Involved in Incidents

Multiple news reports have claimed that certain toy building sets have been recalled. We believe these types of recall campaigns shouldn’t be ignored precisely because children are often exposed to major risks long before these campaigns are launched. Learning that children have been involved in incidents associated with these recalled products prompted us to report on this recall so our clients and followers are aware of the risks.

According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, ALEX Jr. Baby Builder, First Pops and First Snaps toy building sets are being recalled over a possible choking hazard.

The official announcement shows that the recalled sets come with certain parts that are very small and that may become detached while in use. If that occurs, young children may be harmed since they may end up choking.

The company learned of at least 22 incidents associated with small parts of the plastic toy building sets coming detached, none of which resulted in injuries. Thankfully, recalled products will be returned promptly in order to avoid injuries in the near future.

Consumers should check if their children are playing with a Baby Builder, model 1982, First Pops, model 1981P, or First Snaps, model 1981S. If you have one of the recalled products in your possession, contact the manufacturer to learn more about how you should proceed to have the toys returned. You should receive a refund.

Parents should stay on top of recall announcements associated with products designed for children. Stay on top of these news reports so your child is always protected.

You may follow this link to read the full toy recall report. Watch the video blow for more information on problem toys.

Visit us more often for reports on recalls that may hurt your child or follow the CPSC’s news feed for more campaigns.

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