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Thousands of Vehicles Added to Major Takata Air Bag Recall

Multiple news sources have stopped covering the major air bag recall that took most of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s time in 2015. But according to recent publications, the agency has added at least four more car models to the list of recalled vehicles fitted with Takata air bags that could explode mid-deployment.

The report shows that Honda CR-Vs, Mazda6s, Subaru Legacy, and Outback vehicles have been added to the list of recalled vehicles.

The recall was launched last year to have 23 million air bag inflators replaced in 19 million cars produced by at least 11 automakers. These inflators, which are made of metal, are known to explode mid-deployment. Since the metal shards may be thrown into the air in the event of an accident, occupants may be exposed to impact risks. Since deadly incidents were associated with these air bags, the NHTSA pressured Takata to launch a nationwide recall campaign. Despite the company’s hesitation, the recall was finally launched. Now, millions of car owners are sitting and waiting until Takata has produced enough parts to replace the potential deadly inflators in the recalled units.

According to the NHTSA, vehicles added to the list of units fitted with potentially deadly Takata air bag inflators include the 2005 through 2008 Mazda6, 2002 through 2004 Honda CR-V, 2005 through 2008 Subaru Legacy and Outback vehicles.

In states where vehicles are exposed to a great deal of humidity and heat for long periods of time, the inflators are at greater risk of exploding. Since Takata’s ammonium nitrate air bag inflators can cause a reaction that will lead to the explosion, consumers in areas of the country with higher humidity should be particularly concerned about this recall.

By the end of 2015, only 27.3 percent of all recalled vehicles fitted with defective Takata air bag inflators had been repaired. About 70 percent of the replacement inflators are coming from non-Takata suppliers.

Consumers who are concerned about their safety and the safety of their loved ones should contact the manufacturers for more details on how they should proceed to make sure the inflator issue does not expose them to any serious risk.

If you would like to know more about this recall expansion and what the NHTSA is doing to make sure consumers are not seriously injured in accidents linked to the vehicles fitted with the defective inflators, follow this link.

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