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These Tips Will Help You Have a Safe 4th of July Weekend

Fourth of July weekend is around the corner, but as we plan our road trip, we also want our readers to be safe. That’s why we’re urging everyone to follow some important safety tips so that certain risks associated with this holiday are avoided, especially while on the road.

Each year, law enforcement agencies see an increase in crashes over the 4th of July weekend, making this holiday one of the most dangerous through the year.

As millions of Americans hit the road this holiday weekend, officials expect to see an increase in the number of drunk driving accidents. First and foremost, drivers who will be responsible for driving their friends and loved ones this holiday season should keep in mind that alcohol is not your best friend. If you’re the one taking care of the fireworks show, keep in mind that alcohol and fireworks are also a very bad match.

Check for your local and state ordinances regarding fireworks, and follow the instructions. Do not attempt to take actions that are not recommended while handling pyrotechnics.

If you’re not driving, nor handling fireworks, make sure to pace your drinking. Many of these festivities begin early, and unless you’re a superhuman, you may not be able to handle all of the alcohol without seeking medical attention.

Eat plenty of healthy bites all though the day and drink a lot of water. Drinking alcohol may dehydrate you, exposing you to health risks.

When driving or riding home, make sure the driver is not intoxicated.

If you drove to the party but you had a lot to drink, take a Taxi, or use Uber or Lyft from your phone to find a ride. If you have a designated driver, make sure he or she is 100 percent sober.

To those who are not planning on drinking but will be hitting the road this upcoming weekend, remember that other drivers may not be as responsible as yourself.
Stay alert and avoid distractions so you are able to spot any problems beforehand.

If you have family or friends traveling along, let them know that it’s important for them to avoid distracting you so you’re always focused on the road. Also, avoid going above the speed limit. Both speed and distracted driving are two of the most common factors in crashes across the country.

For more safety tips on how to have a safe and fun 4th of July weekend, follow this link.

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