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There’s More to Distracted Driving Than Texting

Distractions while behind the wheel may happen due to a series of factors. Unfortunately, many drivers are not aware of distractions may look like.

Experts continue to urge drivers to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel at all times. But that is not enough to deter distracted driving, mostly because drivers are often distracted by activities they do not often associate with distracted driving.

According to a series of news reports, using a phone o text or call is highly distracted. When texting manually, drivers keep their eyes on their phones for longer than they would like, increasing the risk of a collision. But when drivers use voice-to-text features, they are also more likely to be involved in crashes.

The revelation comes from studies carried out by the AAA. According to the specialists, drivers become distracted when they are focusing their attention on dictating messages or talking over the phone. Since these distractions may lead to cognitive impairment, a crash may occur.

Another type of distraction that is often ignored also stems from conversation. But with passengers.

Driving with other occupants, whether they are adults or children, may increase the risk of distracted driving. If you’re traveling with children in the back seat, avoid reaching out or looking back while driving. If there’s an emergency, pull over safely before reaching out to the back seat to help your child.

If you have teens or adult passengers, explain you should not be distracted while operating the vehicle. Alerting them about the risks may help you to avoid crashes caused by distractions stemming from a conversation.

Another risk many drivers nowadays face stem from the entertainment functions many of the most modern cars have.

Nowadays, drivers deal with several technologies while behind the wheel. They must deal with the GPS navigation systems, iPods, iPads, and even screens that play full movies and TV shows.

Drivers who are used to handling the entertainment console in their cars must not even suspect they could be exposing themselves to risks. In order to avoid incidents that could lead to injuries, drivers must avoid taking part in activities that could lead to distractions.

For more on how to stay safe by avoiding distraction, follow this link.

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