Tesla Fiery Crash Causes Debate Online: Is The Automaker To Blame?

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May 10, 2018
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Tesla car 1209912 960 720

Two Florida teens were killed and a third was injured in a crash involving a Tesla vehicle on Tuesday, May 8th.

Speed, reports say, maybe to blame.

The accident happened around 6:45 p.m. The two teens who died were 18. The third occupant who was injured is also 18. No other vehicles were involved. Police are now investigating the crash.

Moments before the single-car crash, the Tesla Model S was traveling on Seabreeze Boulevard. But for unknown reasons, the car went off the road, crashing into a concrete wall. The vehicle caught fire immediately.

Tesla Under Pressure, Again

Some believe that as the car company, Tesla is partially to blame. Others think that isn’t the case. After all, hundreds of gas-powered vehicles caught on fire the same day of the Tesla accident. And yet, only the Tesla accident has been heavily featured in the news.

As experts indicated, this particular accident doesn’t seem to have anything to do with a potential feature issue, or technology failure. Speed? Perhaps. And until law enforcement have investigated, we can’t know for sure.

After the collision, Tesla issued a statement. According to the firm, the system’s Autopilot technology could not have been in use. After all, the vehicle was going at high speeds and the Autopilot feature limits the vehicle’s speed to 35 mph.

So until we have more details, it’s hard to point the finger at the automaker. At least in this case. But until more is known, it’s going to be impossible to run away from the reports trying to compare this accident to the collision involving a Tesla on Autopilot.

Whatever officials find about the factor behind this crash, we are saddened that itt took place. Like any other traffic accident resulting in deaths, we stand by the victims and their loved ones. We also pray that the victim who’s injured is able to recover promptly.

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