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Spouses of Victims Break Silence, Talk Distracted Driving Risks

When athletes are injured because of their craft, it’s important to pay attention and share their story, but when these same athletes are injured, or even killed, in crashes caused by negligent, distracted drivers, it’s our duty to share their stories far and wide, making a greater number of people aware of the factors that led to these accidents.

That’s precisely what two spouses are doing.

According to a series of news reports, the spouses of two distracted driving victims who happened to be tri-athletes have decided to put an end to their silence by urging others to avoid distraction.

The accidents that prompted these spouses to speak out happened in 2014. The first crash, which happened in June of that year, happened when a vehicle collided with 50-year-old tri-athlete traveling on a rural road. Two months later, another tri-athlete was also killed under similar conditions. According to several reports, the driver involved in the second accident later admitted he was taking a selfie at the time of the accident.

Both the wife and husband of the two athletes killed in these distracted driving accidents have now decided to tell their stories to the world, urging drivers to avoid making the same mistakes.

Ever since the two deadly crashes occurred, the racing and biking community where the victims lived was filled with fear, one of the spouses claimed. Instead of fearing the possible risks, these spouses are combining forces to urge others to simply avoid accidents altogether by never allowing distraction to trigger a crash. Instead of sing a phone to talk or text while behind the wheel, pull over safely before even reaching out to your phone. And instead of allowing other types of distraction to come into play, focus on the road ahead and put your hands on the wheel. This attitude will help you to stay safe at all times while also making sure that others are just as safe as you.

Distracted driving is now one of the most common crash factors. Instead of being just another number, drivers should make sure they too are 100 percent aware of the consequences. Take responsibility for your actions and avoid deadly crashes by always putting safety first.

For more on the tragic accidents that have prompted these two people to speak about the risks associated with distracted driving, follow this link for more details.

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