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Serious Safety Concerns Raised by Mitsubishi, GM Recalls

Every now and then, an auto recall comes along that seems difficult to ignore. In other occasions, more than one are able to inspire the same concerns. Recently, two automakers have launched recalls associated with injury issues: GM and Mitsubishi.

First, let’s look at Mitsubishi’s recall. According to the company, over 50,000 vehicles have been recalled. These vehicles come with rear hatch lift gates that could suddenly fall, exposing people to injury risks.

Since the outer tube on the lift gate supports may have not been treated properly in order to prevent rust, the tube may end up corroding when exposed to certain wet or salty conditions. Many drivers who happen to use their vehicles in snowy regions may be particularly vulnerable to risks.

Mitsubishi has reported that recalled vehicle owners will be contacted as soon as the company is ready to have dealers replace impacted parts. Consumers who are not contacted directly should reach out to Mitsubishi for more details.

News organizations are unaware of any accidents associated with the recalled vehicles.

While Mitsubishi has recalled a great deal of vehicles, General Motors has recalled another number of units. According to the company and several news organizations, GM has recalled all units of the 2017 Chevrolet Malibu vehicles.

According to the reports, the company decided to launch the recall after learning that the right-hand rear side airbag inflators in these vehicles may have been designed with manifolds that come with bad welds. If that’s the case, the inflator may suddenly become separated in the event of a collision, causing debris to be blown into the cabin and increasing the risk of injury. While dealers will have to replace all rear side airbag modules, the automaker is not sure when impacted vehicle owners will be contacted.

If you’re serious about your safety, make sure your recalled vehicle is repaired as soon as possible. Do not allow your safety to be jeopardized by ignoring a recall campaign that impacts your vehicle directly.

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