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Self-Driving Car Revolution Closer to Reality, But Not All Safe Yet

The self-driving car technology continues to be debated nationwide as tech companies and automakers urge the federal government to pass safety regulations associated with the self-driving technology.

During the next seven years, consumers are going to have to go through an adaptation period before automakers are able to see a greater number of drivers warm up to the self-driving car concept. Until fully autonomous car systems are ready to roll, drivers will also have to get used to the idea that having a system that drives itself does not mean they will be relieved of their responsibilities at all.

To automotive experts, automation is quite possibly the biggest breakthrough in road safety in history, but until he technology is fully perfected, drivers will have to be alert and fully focused in order to take over in case the system just doesn’t work as promised.

As newer vehicles are fitted with semi-autonomous systems such as automatic braking or lane assistance systems, drivers are being given a taste of how the autonomous systems can work. But to experts, these systems are also giving drivers a false sense of security. In order to ensure they are safe while using the autonomous technology, drivers must keep in mind that even if the technology is being used, they will have to take over at any moment. Ignoring the potential risks may cause accidents considering that we will only be able to safely say the technology is secure once years and years of test are put into it.

Until 2020, which is when the autonomous car revolution is scheduled to finally hit the roads, drivers are urged to follow the rules of the road at all times. Ignoring the potential risks associated with distraction and intoxicated driving, even if your car has the capabilities of driving itself, won’t help. Avoid putting yourself and your loved ones in danger by focusing on the road and keeping in mind that you will still bear responsibility for what happens, especially if you see trouble looming and you ignore it, leaving it all to the automated driving system.

For more on the technology, follow this link or watch the video below.

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