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Seattle Campaign Wants to Fight Distracted Walking, Driving

Washington drivers are all aware of how difficult driving in Seattle in the winter can be. Too often, however, drivers forget how risky it is to drive in this time of the year. When they do ignore the risks, that’s when accidents take place.

But what happens when drivers are also distracted while driving in the wintertime?

Between 2013 and 2014, there was a 200 percent increase in crashes linked to distracted driving in the city of Seattle, says the Seattle Department of Transportation. While this astounding figure may surprise many, the issue in Seattle is not confined to the world of car operators. Pedestrians are also stuck to their phones.

In 2013, there were 388 collisions involving pedestrians. In 75 percent of these incidents, the pedestrian was crossing at a crosswalk. To many experts, this sounds like a perfect reason to worry, after all, drivers and pedestrians are both overly involved with their phones to look up.

Distracted pedestrians are unaware of their surroundings, and as a result, end up being involved in incidents that could have been prevented if they were paying attention.

But drivers are just as bad.

Instead of taking the responsibility of their vehicles safely seriously, drivers ignore the potential for crashes and, instead, allow distractions to take over all too often.

When both the pedestrian and the driver are distracted, they put their lives in danger.

In order to help put an end to distracted driving in the city, officials are launching a campaign in April that will focus on drivers, pedestrians, and even cyclists. According to official reports, this could help raise awareness and make everyone safer as a result.

Last year, the city passed a tough law against blocking intersections. While the law doesn’t help pedestrians when it’s not enforced correctly, many are urging all drivers and pedestrians to simply pay attention.

Bikers, drivers, and pedestrians are keeping their heads in the clouds while attempting to arrive safe at their destination. If they are serious about safety and the safety of their fellow man, they will put the phone down and start focusing on what’s going on around them.

Whether you’re on foot, on a bike, or behind the wheel, remember that distractions may also be associated with other activities such as eating and drinking, talking to others, or handling pets or children. Stay safe.

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