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Seat Belt Issue Linked to Ford, GM Recalls

According to a series of news reports, Ford and General Motors have just launched two recall campaigns and both are associated with seat belt problems.

As the number of vehicles listed under the Takata air bag recall continues to grow, consumers are urged to stay on top of recall reports in order to avoid other issues. In many cases, recall campaigns are launched and people remain unmoved. Since they do not visit dealerships to have the issue addressed, they continue to drive vehicles that put their lives in danger.

The first recall announcement launched recently with the help of the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, impacts thousands of Ford trucks.

The recalled vehicles include the 2015 Ford F-150 SuperCrew trucks that were manufactured between January 22, 2015 and March 17, 2015. These vehicles, the official report shows, come with driver or front passenger seat belts that were produced with anchorage assemblies with pretensioner cables that were not crimped properly.

If the seat belts are not fixed, the occupant may not be restrained properly in the event of an accident. In that case, he or she may experience serious injuries as a result.

Consumers with the recalled vehicles will be contacted by Ford after February 8th. If you have one of the recalled trucks, however, you may contact Ford directly to learn more about what you should do to have this issue addressed.

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The second recall campaign launched with the help of the NHTSA was released by General Motors.

According to the automaker, the 2015 Chevrolet Cruze vehicles have been recalled due to the presence of certain driver-side seat belt assembly bolts that may have not been tightened properly. If that is the case, the seat belt may not hold the occupant in a crash and injuries will ensue.

To prevent injuries and even death, consumers will be urged to have their vehicles inspected and fixed promptly. While GM hasn’t announced a notification schedule yet, consumers may contact Chevrolet directly to learn more about how they must proceed to have the issue addressed.

Do not wait until you’re injured to act, especially because these recalls are associated with issues that could expose you to injury risks.

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