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Samsung Joins Google, Uber in Developing Autonomous Car

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As Google, Tesla, and Uber all continue to develop their own autonomous car technologies, reports concerning other companies working on their own self-driving car systems hit the news.

According to multiple reports, Samsung is also working on its own autonomous car technology.

Reports show that the company is getting ready to create a team that will develop automotive-related systems and features. One of these team’s task is to develop in-car entertainment features, but the company will also focus on satellite navigation and autonomous systems.

While the group will be working with other Samsung groups, it will be entirely dedicated to developing automotive-related systems.

Reports show that Samsung, the world’s top smartphone developer, is increasing its efforts at developing self-driving cars and other auto components that could add to its revenue as the company begins to struggle to remain a leader in the market.

While the company is working quickly and efficiently, reports indicate, it’s still early to believe that the the electronics firm is ready to roll autonomous systems or even infotainment systems. It will also take years for the company to see a real profit tied to its automotive-related business.

Until companies like Google and automakers are able to develop their fully automated vehicles and make them available for the public, it’s hard to speculate on whether the technology will become popular. But as experts claim distracted driving could be eradicated with the use of self-driving cars, companies like Samsung may benefit considerably over time.

With a more competitive field, consumers will have more options, and companies will be forced to develop better, safer autonomous systems.

Until the autonomous car technology is widely popular, consumers should remember that they are fully responsible for their actions while behind the wheel. Distracted driving is a serious issue that could lead to serious and even deadly accidents. Drivers who are not willing to be involved in an accident should remember that they must stay focused on the road ahead at all times. Distraction leads to delayed responses, making it harder for motorists to avoid serious accidents.

If you’re truly concerned about road safety, put your phone down, stop talking to your passengers, and avoid crashes by not letting your children or pets in the back seat distract you.

Follow this link to read more about Samsung’s decision to develop its own autonomous solution.

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