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Riders, Passenger Seriously Injured After Crashing Into Bear On 101

The danger associated with crashing into wildlife in Washington is real and serious. Yet, many of us play the threats down simply because we are used to driving free of hassle through most of the year. Unfortunately, two motorcycle riders have just experienced something most of us could never even imagine: Hitting a bear while on the 101.

The first accident, the Washington State Patrol reported, involved a 60-year-old man from Hoquiam and his passenger. They were on a Harley-Davidson headed southbound on U.S. Highway 101 when, at milepost 143, they hit a bear. Due to the impact, both the rider and the passenger were ejected from the motorcycle.

As a second motorcycle rider, a 64-year-old man also from Hoquiam, tried to avoid the motorcycle that had fallen before him, he ended up hitting the bear as well. He was also ejected from his Harley-Davidson.

The first rider and his passenger were flown to the hospital with serious injuries and are now in intensive care. The second rider was taken to a local hospital but reports did not specify the gravity of his injuries.

We hope all victims of this accident are recovering in full and promptly and urge other drivers to stay alert for any wildlife while traveling across the Eveergreen state.

While thankfully these accidents are not common, any personal injury attorney may tell you that they lead to serious pain and suffering. And what’s worse, oftentimes, these accidents can be prevented. Either by more law enforcement involvement in making sure that roads are clear from wildlife that may have perished, or by making sure that you’re alert at all times and certain that you’re not putting yourself or others in danger.

If you see dead animals on the road, pull over safely and contact authorities to report the occurrence so the debris can be removed promptly to help avoid serious and potentially deadly accidents.

For more on the two accidents involving a bear and motorcycle riders, follow this link. For more tips on how to avoid accidents and stay safe while navigating Washington roads, continue reading our blog.

Stay safe.

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