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WSP Caught Speeding Rider Going 62 Miles Over The Speed Limit

Speeding is not only against the law, it’s also potentially deadly.

When a motorcyclist was going 62 miles over the speed limit on State Route 240, a trooper caught the rider, pulling him over promptly after.

According to officials, the rider was going at 117 miles per hour on a 55 mph zone.

Thankfully, officials were able to catch the rider before he put himself and others in danger. However, this isn’t the first nor the last time a motorcycle rider will ignore the law. And we hope that other riders will learn from this rider’s mistake.

Speeding Makes Accidents More Likely To Happen

When both drivers and riders speed, they are less likely to be able to keep control of their vehicles. That will eventually lead to accidents, as a loss of vehicle control will make it hard for drivers and riders to avoid collisions.

Unfortunately, many drivers and riders will ignore this reality. Much like others will ignore that distractions and drinking and driving are also potentially deadly.

In order to avoid accidents and help everyone on the road stay safe, drivers and riders must never ignore the rules. After all, they are there for a reason. Respecting the speed limit it an essential part of that.

The rider who was going at 117 miles per hour was lucky. Because an officer found him, he did not crash. But speeding is never acceptable. And whether you think you can get away with it or not, it is never worth it. You will either get a citation or involved in an accident, and let’s face it: both outcomes are bad.

If you’re serious about your safety and the safety of others, speeding should not be part of your routine. Hopefully, this incident will also keep this rider from making the same mistake again. Unless, of course, he is willing to face the consequences of his reckless actions.

For more on this incident, follow this link.

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