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Recall Roundup: Motorcycles, SUVs Pose Fire, Auto Accident Risks

BMW and Volvo have both issued recalls recently. While the German automaker is recalling motorcycles over fires that could lead to personal injury, Volvo is recalling SUVs over an auto accident risk.

In BMW’s recall report, the firm claimed that over 16,000 motorcycles from the model years 2005 through 2012 come with fuel pump flanges that can crack. If the issue isn’t addressed, the vehicle may experience a fuel leak. If this occurs while the engine is running, the risk of a fire increases. 

BMW repaired the recalled motorcycles in the past over a fuel pump issue. At the time, recalled units were inspected and support rings were fixed. This time around, BMW will replace fuel and auxiliary pumps if needed. All repairs will be carried out for free. 

Beginning on October 2, 2020, BMW will start contacting impacted vehicle owners.

For a full list of impacted motorcycle models, follow this link.

Volvo Recall Tied To Auto Accident Risk

Volvo’s 2018 through 2020 XC60 mid-size crossover SUVs come with improperly tightened nuts used to secure the windshield wipers. Due to an inappropriate amount of torque application during the car’s assembly, the nuts were poorly fixed. Over time and use, this issue could cause the wiper arm to loosen. Depending on external factors, the lack of a functioning wiper may impact the driver’s visibility, increasing the risk of an auto accident. 

Other issues include missing front seat nuts, which could expose occupants to injury risks, missing GPS locators, and liftgate arms that can separate. 

While these issues are serious and can lead to accidents if not addressed, this is not the first time that Volvo recalls these models in 2020.

According to the firm, the 2020 Volvo XC60 was previously recalled in early 2020 over an automatic emergency braking failure.

Volvo will contact impacted vehicle owners in late October, urging them to schedule a visit to a dealer where loose nuts and other recall-related issues will be addressed for free. 
To learn more about this recall, you may follow this link.

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